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An intuitive, online system to rapidly create beautiful, bespoke TV commercials at affordable prices.

Commercials are created using a combination of third party and/or the advertisers own visual and sound assets. To build its advert, the user can select from a library of over 180,000 video and audio clips, and can upload its own content including video, voice-overs and graphics. The system has a built in title generator to overlay animated text. Professional voice-overs are available within 24 hours and a compliance service provided to premium customers. The technology ensures that the finished commercial is technically compliant for delivery to television networks (and other media).

The service will be offered on an annual subscription basis, primarily targeting the social media market. Premium clips, smart graphics, music, bolt-ons (Smart templates for effects and voice overs) will be offered providing a route to purchasing of TV airtime with support for ASA and Ofcom compliance. Adgile Open is currently in beta testing and due to launch Q3/4 2018. The service will be on an annual subscription with additional services for premium clips, graphics and music, bolt-ons (Smart widgets for effects and voice overs) and support for ASA and Ofcom compliance.

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Delivering dynamic, targeted and compliant advertising, managed by a simple to use online control panel.

Adgile Pro is the most flexible tool in the suite of RTAd Ltd’s products, utilising the power of our proprietary platform to add flexibility and relevance to almost any broadcast advert or TV sponsorship. A low-cost, end-to-end solution that changes the content of HD broadcast advertising, it can manage multi-layered, broadcast quality video and audio alongside 2D and 3D graphics, text and voice over. Social media and a range of other data platforms can also be integrated, to ensure that the advertising message is as accurate and relevant as possible.

Each campaign template is developed to the client’s specific creative requirements, allowing them to change the content of their advert to reflect time sensitive data ranging from product offers to seasonality and beyond. Our team works alongside the client, and their creative resource, to identify the dynamic elements of the campaign and to build the templates. By working with Clearcast throughout this process we can also ensure that all adverts generated by the system are compliant and ready for broadcast.

As Adgile Pro is developed to client’s specific requirement, each template is different and is designed to help advertisers maximise the effectiveness of their advertising. It generates up to date, dynamic, flexible and targeted advertising, all with the click of a mouse.

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Effective templated Adverts for targeted local advertising sectors, enabling a customer to tailor a pre-made commercial to its business’ target audience.

Adgile Smart is part of a suite of low cost, web-based, broadcast advert creation tools from RTAd ltd. It utilises the power of the Adgile proprietary platform in a series of category specific, template based television commercials. Produced by an award-winning team, they allow a local business to easily create an individual, branded advert with a range of looks, colours, clips and V/O segments. Customers have the confidence of knowing that the resulting advert will not only work, but also be immediately broadcast compliant.

Client specific information such as logos, web addresses and contact details can be incorporated in the advert. There is also the option to upload images of staff or location to further tailor the advert and customised voice-overs are supplied, within 24-hours, ready for approval and compliance clearance.

With templates for vets, IFAs and dentists and additional ones to follow, Adgile Smart allows customers to create a stunning, branded and fully compliant high-definition television commercial in minutes for under £1,000. Currently it is only available with Sky Adsmart commercial airtime.

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