Working with MediaCom and VCCP to outmanoeuvre the betting market on TV and turn innovation into increased market share.

In one of the most crowded and inflated TV advertising sectors, this challenger brand gained awareness and stole share, using innovative technology and lateral TV planning to challenge the status quo of the bricks & mortar heritage brands.

Key Challenges

Low general brand awareness amongst casual gamblers in the UK outside of specific horse racing circles.


Crucially in the betting market, the relevance of the offer and it’s recency to the betting opportunity drives market share.


How to use innovation to mimic the best parts of the Live-Odds strategy of competitors, whilst avoiding the crippling investment required.



The RTAd system’s templates and rules allowed Bet Victor to rapidly publish pre-cleared new versions of any offer. This reflected their dynamic marketing needs and allowed rapid response to factors such as competitive activity.


Increase in visits to


Average uplift in number of bets placed


Average uplift in stake

“When applying Real Time to specific and tactical offers, we have seen increases above and beyond 400% across some major KPI’s and this has definitely helped us improve our bottom line performance.”

Karl Riley

Marketing Director, Bet Victor (2013)

Case Studies