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Our Adgile technology powers some of the world’s largest brands

What is RTAd?

RTAd is a technology that facilitates dynamic and compliant HD advertising content to be delivered in real, or near real time, via a proprietary, end-to-end platform. It incorporates a suite of solutions appropriate to a variety of different advertising sectors. These allow advertisers to reflect current marketing influences in their ads giving them extended relevance, immediacy, and flexibility.  All in short timeframes and at a low cost.

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An intuitive, online system to rapidly create beautiful, bespoke TV commercials at affordable prices.

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Delivering dynamic, targeted and compliant advertising, managed by a simple to use online control panel.

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Effective templated Adverts for targeted local advertising sectors, tailored to target audiences.

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Unique Benefits

Television, radio and web can now be created with the potential to manage dynamic inventory and/or react to volatile marketing circumstances across all media in a way previously only available online.

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Key Partnerships

RTAd knows TV and advertising inside out and understands the processes involved in getting ads from creative brief to broadcast. We work in tandem with the media and creative agencies, to integrate our technology into the production process and have nurtured specific relationships with both compliance and delivery providers in the UK:

The approval of advertising content by Clearcast is obviously essential to many UK advertisers. We approach RTAd campaigns in exactly the same way you would approach a normal campaign, with all potential elements of the final commercial being approved. We have an established approach with Clearcast and creative agencies to bring compliance approval as close as possible to the TX time of the ad.

RTAd works hand in glove with IMD or Adstream to deliver content output directly from our system into their delivery network. This means we can deliver to any channel in the UK and overseas and within minutes and they know that RTAd created ads are always up to spec. RTAd can deliver content to any broadcaster internationally, using IP file transfer systems such as Aspera, in the specific format required in that territory.

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